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Cancun is commonly considered as a haven for adrenaline junkies, looking to get to the water in the most amazing ways to let off some steam. In Cancun and the surrounding regions, there are a number of distinct water sports and water activities suppliers that can fit distinct kinds of individuals just as they can fit distinct interests, requirements, and accessibility agreements.

Whatever you’re looking for, having the data on hand, as you’re doing here, is an excellent way to save time as you’re looking to make the most of your Mexico vacation, particularly in terms of what you’re going to do for pleasure.


Snorkeling can be an activity for the whole family to participate in, and Cancun is the perfect place for you to try it for the first time, more aimed at those who like things to move at a little less than breakneck speed. Whether you’re experienced snorkeling or your first time ever, there are facilities for all skills and all ages throughout Cancun.

Looking in the currents below the waves at the tropical fish and the sea bed can offer you another view on life, not just on Mexico. The serenity you will discover just below the surface contrasts sharply with the craziness that unfolds all around you with some of the water operations you can participate in during your visit to Cancun.

Speed Boating

Many of Cancun’s water activity suppliers provide personal use speedboat rentals. There are some more reputable firms chartering ships for you, while there will be bad apples, of course, seeking to create cash rapidly by ignoring the licensing laws and paying no attention to health and safety. It all depends on how much of a risk-taker you are and whether or not on the day of your visit you feel particularly sensitive, but the thrill of traveling over the water at exciting speeds can not be denied either way.

Speed boating certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, but it’s amazingly within a lot of tourists ‘ budgets. Even before traveling to Cancun, a great way to save cash is to shop in advance, as there are some great early bird deals online. This is also a useful way to guarantee that you are seeking a reputable and secure supplier if that is the route you have selected, of course.

Whale Shark Encounter

Some of the wildlife off Mexico’s coast is amazing, and a visit to Cancun can allow you and the entire family to get close and personal with some of the biggest creatures around you. A Cancun whale shark encounter can be arranged in various ways. The most common meeting is one that sees a chartered ship heading into the ocean to renowned places of whale sharks. It doesn’t take long before these soft giants begin to appear and pose for pictures from the depths.

There is the chance to arrange swimming with the whale sharks for those out there who are quite a bit more bold, although this chance and experience will give you more cash than just a sightseeing trip. People who have decided to dive with the whale sharks would agree unanimously that it is as scary and exciting as it is enchanting and humbling, and worth the additional cash invested.

These wild encounters can be a breath of fresh air and a vehicle to re-engage people with the natural world around them in an era where we seem to move further and further away from the natural world unless we visit it in tanks and cages.

Jet Ski

If used correctly and driven securely, it can be so much fun to spend a morning or an evening on jet skis and it’s really worth it. Insider tip for Freebie: Some of the resorts will even let you fill out their jet-skis whatever you want in hour slots if you check out a time-sharing presentation offer with them by just taking a one-time 2-hour tour of the estate during your stay that you are likely to do anyway. Otherwise, the rental prices for jet skis differ greatly from seller to seller, so it is extremely advisable to shop around or book in advance.


If the second film in the Jurassic Park series hasn’t marked you for life and put off parasailing, this water activity could be for you. While snorkeling brings you down under the surface of the water, parasailing lifts you up into the air, offering you a bird’s eye perspective of the beach and tide individuals and creatures below you.

Parasailing is not a fainthearted thing to do, but it is considered to be highly secure. For individuals who may feel somewhat anxious about being gusted into the sky while being pushed along by a speedboat, there is always the alternative to do the exercise with a friend. It can make it even more enjoyable to share an experience like this.


Like any water-based activity anywhere in the globe, Cancun’s water operations pose at least some danger. That said, the more study you do into who will use the finest businesses and what security precautions you can take in advance, the safer and, eventually, the more enjoyable your journey and events will be.

If you are the kind of person who is overly concerned about the ‘ hows ‘ and the ‘ what ifs ‘ then Cancun water activities may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a little excitement in your lives, maybe a speed boat journey or a snorkeling adventure is just what you need on your Cancun vacation. The water industry is booming in Cancun, so whatever activity you decide to do, you’re not going to be alone in choosing to try it out.

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